Croatian carmaker Rimac Automobili has officially unveiled the details of the production version of  Rimac Concept one, the world’s first all-electric hypercar. The production of this electric hypercar is limited to only eight units and Rimac will showcase first production ready 1073bhp fully electric Concept-one model at upcoming 2016 GenevaContinue Reading

McLaren has unveiled the all new McLaren 675 LT at the Geneva Motor Show. We knew it’d be quick. We now know how sensationally quick, in every way. We can think of the 675 LT – that’s LT for ‘Longtail’ – as a lighter, harder and more powerful version of the 650S.Continue Reading

Originally launched in 2007, and borrowing aluminum monocoque construction among other things from Audi’s racing stable, the R8 quickly gained a reputation for combining everyday usability with true supercar performance. When Audi launched its R8 supercar in 2007, its mid-engine layout was dictated by its exotic sibling, the Lamborghini Gallardo.Continue Reading