New Tata Hexa crossover unveiled at 2015 Geneva Motor Show


The year 2015 has brought TATA motors good luck as well as a winning streak with their Bolt and Zest. With TATA’S future plans in the international market and with an aim of elevating TATA’S quality up to the Land Rover and the Jaguar, TATA’S aggressive challenge to the international car market is TATA HEXA.

Tata Hexa Concept

TATA HEXA was revealed at the Geneva motor show 2015. The first looks were very impressive and the car puts up an international competition as it is being released all over the globe. It also makes the Indian customers happy as we get to drive something that is of international standards and the pride we get in knowing that an Indian company is excelling in the global market.


Although TATA HEXA looks like the facelift of the previously launched TATA ARIA, TATA HEXA is based on a totally new platform and it is a 6 seater vehicle with all captain seats. Harman audio is expected to be standard from the factory just like the zest and the bolt. The HEXA comes with a 2.2 litre VARICOR 400 engine that has a maximum power output of  115 kW @ 4000 rpm and a torque of 400 Nm @1700-2700 rpm. Tata HEXA is also expected to have a 4 wheel drive  variant.

Expected to go into production by early 2016, the TATA HEXA is placed at a price range of INR 13-18 lakhs. It is expected to put up a tough competition to D segment vehicles. The TATA HEXA has a huge crowd waiting at home base waiting for its release.

Overall the TATA HEXA is a car that is made whilst thinking about future ventures of the company in the international market and to give a kick-start to the next generation of Indian cars. TATA HEXA is a feature packed car with good design elements and good ergonomics well built structure and overall it is expected to be a game changer especially in the Indian market. FINGERS CROSSED!!!
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