Basic Tips for Paint Protection Using Ceramic Coating for Cars

Ceramic coating for cars

In the world of cars and automobiles, it is imperative that vehicles maintain their shine and aesthetic appeal right from the showroom to the owner’s garage and even beyond. That is why car dealerships and owners are often looking for innovative ways to protect and maintain the paintwork of their assets (cars).

One of the most effective and advanced solutions in recent times is known as ceramic coating. It is an innovative product that offers premium protection and enhances the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle. This has made it a highly popular choice amongst professionals and car enthusiasts. You can click here for some DIY tips on how to pimp your ride.

So in addition to getting tips on how to pimp your ride, you may also want to fully understand what ceramic coating is and how it can elevate your vehicle maintenance game.  This article will help you out by defining and exploring the benefits of this product and also share tips on its maintenance.

Ceramic Coating Explained

A ceramic coating is a liquid chemical that adheres to the paintwork of a vehicle when it is applied to the exterior of the vehicle. This product is usually applied then cured to enable it bond with the paintwork of the vehicle. This process creates a protective layer on the vehicle making the exterior resistant to minor abrasions and environmental contaminants.

This product is different from traditional sealants or wax that requires constant reapplication. It is very durable and lasts for many years. The main ingredient in many variants of this product is silicon dioxide (SiO2), which is commonly gotten from sand or quartz. Other premium quality variants may contain titanium dioxide (TiO2) that provides additional protection and also increases the durability.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

From the explanation given above, we can deduce that this innovative product is very beneficial for automobile maintenance. Find below some of these benefits:-

  1. Durable Protection- One of the most common and prominent benefit of this product is durability. Like we mentioned, traditional wax doesn’t last longer than a couple of months however, with ceramic coating, properly applied by a professional, your vehicle is protected for years. This durability makes the product and process a cost effective solution at the end of the day.
  2. Improved Aesthetics – Ceramic coating adds a rich glossy finish to the paintwork of a vehicle that enhances the depth and colour of the vehicle’s exterior. This shine is mirror-like and often referred to as a wet look which significantly elevates the aesthetic value of the automobile.
  3. Hydrophobic Properties – These are properties in the product that ensures that moisture easily slides off the exterior of the vehicle, along with any contaminant in the water. This therefore makes it easier to clean the car and also prevent s mineral deposits and water spots on the surface of the vehicle.
  4. Chemical and UV Resistance –UV rays can oxidize paintwork and make it fade after a while. Ceramic coating creates a barrier on the surface of a car that protects it from these dangerous UV rays. In addition to that, the protection extends to other chemicals, tree sap, bird droppings and anything that has the potential of damaging the paintwork of a car.
  5. Swirl and Scratch Proof – Although it is not 100% scratch proof, it can protect the surface of a car from minor scratches or swirl makes that mostly happen in the process of washing the car.

How to Maintain Ceramic Coating

Maintain ceraminc coating

Maintaining this product on a car is quite straightforward, all that is required is following some simple care routine to keep the coating effective:-

  1. Wash Regularly – Use a car shampoo that is pH neutral and the dual-bucket washing technique to avoid scratching the car surface. Also make sure you do not use abrasive or coarse cleaning apparatus or harsh chemical that can spoil the coating. You can also visit for tips for car wash.
  2. Stay Away from Automatic Car Wash – Do not take your car to automatic car wash centres because they mostly use brushes that may be too harsh for the coating.
  3. Use Boosters – Some manufacturers have add-on products known as top ups or boosters. These products can be used periodically to refresh and enhance the hydrophobic properties of the coating.
  4. Inspect and Clean Regularly – Make sure you inspect your vehicle regularly and clean it immediately if you discover any stubborn stain or contaminant.


Ceramic coating is applauded as a very significant innovation in the world of automotive care. The ability of this product to enhance the appearance of a car and also protect its exterior for a long time is quite commendable. Furthermore, it reduces the effort that owners have to put into maintenance.

You can either apply this coating professionally or DIY. Whichever route you choose to go, bear in mind that it must be properly done for you to enjoy its full benefits.  So consider your DIY skill very well before you proceed or else contact a professional.

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