4 Reasons to Buy a Car from a Dealership like Pearson Ford

Pearson Ford

Are you in the middle of car shopping? You definitely aren’t alone, as the trend of car buying is constantly on the rise. Nowadays, the largest number of households have more than a single-vehicle.

Individuals have dissimilar buying preferences, as some shop at certified dealerships while others search for models for sale by private owners. The first alternative is thought to be more beneficial, as car dealers provide a warranty, safety, expert advice, and various financing options.

Have a look at the four main reasons for buying a vehicle from a dealer.


One of the main reasons for purchasing an auto from a dealership is the possibility of getting a warranty. Every buyer deserves to be provided with a guarantee of being able to get repairs if something goes wrong with the vehicle they’ve purchased. In contrast, warranties from private sellers cannot always be trusted, as they try to convince buyers that the warranty can be extended only to discover it’s not transferable later.

Nevertheless, in the majority of cases, cars sold by owners come with no warranty. If buying a used car, not being provided with a guarantee is thought to be a big risk. Buyers aren’t advised to take such as risk, as they might regret their decision soon. Most dealerships selling used cars offer reliable warranty options and ensure their vehicles are in top condition before selling. Do your research to get great tips on buying the best car warranty for you.

Expert advice

Another reason to purchase an auto from an established dealership like Pearson Ford is the expert advice you’ll receive from their staff. Buyers differ in their knowledge and requirements when looking for the ideal vehicle. Some customers have already made a decision regarding the model, make, and year they want for their new auto, whereas others aren’t that specific in their requirements.

Private sellers won’t be knowledgeable enough to inform you about the safety features provided by the manufacturer. They will probably be reluctant to discuss fuel efficiency as well, as it might change your mind about the buying decision. In general, the goal of private sellers is to sell their vehicles as quickly as possible without providing detailed information.

Pearson Ford

Car dealerships, on the other hand, guide customers through the entire buying journey by answering all of their questions. Even if you don’t have any preferences about your next auto, the staff in a dealership will present you the features of different makes and models to help you make an informed decision. Some dealers would go through the trouble of finding your dream car even if they don’t have it at the lot.


Safety is another valid reason for deciding to purchase a vehicle from a dealership like Pearson Ford. The last thing a buyer wishes for is buying an auto with a recall. Recalls are issued when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or a manufacturer detects a safety risk in a vehicle, car seat, tires, or equipment because of failing to meet minimum safety standards.

The greatest thing about car dealerships is that they alert customers about large recalls. Most of them would even make upgrades and repairs for free or at a discounted price. Also, there is a high possibility for the auto you purchase to have mechanical problems that you aren’t aware of. No private seller would ever warn a buyer about such defects.

Many individuals have experienced a nightmare by paying for a faulty vehicle without being informed about the flaws. Once you purchase a car, it automatically becomes your concern. Given the importance of vehicle safety, customers are encouraged to make purchases through dealerships. Most dealers inspect and repair their autos before putting them up for sale.


Purchasing an auto on a budget usually proves to be a challenging task. Private sellers aren’t flexible as far as payment options are concerned. Buyers must have the money upfront to make a purchase, leaving little to no room for negotiating. In contrast, buying an auto from a dealership like Pearson Ford is a more budget-wise alternative.

The largest part of car dealers offers a variety of financing options, even loans for rebuilding your credit. It often happens for lenders to refuse to finance vehicles owned by private sellers. They don’t trust the evaluation of an auto’s worth by private vendors. Conversely, they consider dealerships more accurate in their pricing. Hence, you can use their assistance to get an auto loan.

Final thoughts

While buying an auto from a private seller is a more casual experience, only a few vendors can beat the reputation, extras, and finance options of dealers!

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