Tesla News: Elon Musk Unveils Electric Semi-Truck

Under the leadership of CEO Elon Musk, Tesla has made positive headlines in the automobile industry over the last decade. They are the largest producers of fully electric cars in the world. Recently, the company has shown interest in entering the trucking industry by producing a semi-truck. During this time, the CEO has been enthusiastic about this development, citing that it will be a game changer in the trucking industry.

As we speak, Tesla has already unveiled its first electric pickup truck. Musk showed off the Tesla semi-truck in a dramatic event in California. While he sat in the cabin of the semi-truck, his face showed his excitement over the achievement of a significant milestone.

Sleek Design

The entire Tesla team believes that the vehicle will create a better experience for truckers, especially fleet drivers, who are always on the road. The driver, who is at the center of the vehicle’s design, is provided with a new level of experience that is out of this world. On either side of the steering wheel, there is a touchscreen display that you will not find in ordinary semi-trucks.

Tesla Semi Electric Trucks

But here is one advantage offered by the cabin; the driver can stand while right inside the cabin. The cargo area is sufficient to carry standard loads just like other trucks in the category. Musk said that the design of the truck gives it an edge while cruising down the highways. The wind, which is the main resistance, will not be a problem for this aerodynamic truck.

Charging the Truck

As people became curious about how fleets will charge the batteries, Musk was quick to answer this question. He said that Tesla is working on having solar chargers for their models all over the world. With one charge expected to supply power for up to 500 miles of driving or more, using the trucks for transporting goods will not be a problem. The CEO has assured potential buyers that the Tesla semi-truck will offer a higher value for the money than any other truck in the world. He also mentioned that the four motors used by the truck will give it extra durability since there will be no strain even when towing a heavy load.

Tesla Semi Electric Trucks

Benefits to Fleet Owners

If you have a fleet company, this is the right truck for you. As of now, most of the fleet owners are using aftermarket tracking and monitoring solutions from reliable companies like EyeRide, which is serving them very well. But Tesla has already integrated all these solutions into this semi-truck with a high level of compatibility with solutions that are already available. This means that you can add Tesla semi-trucks into your fleet and still enjoy the same convenience without having to modify anything.

Final Word

According to Musk, this amazing truck should be in full production in 2019, but buyers need to make a reservation in advance to purchase one. One of the reservations goes for only USD 5,000.

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