Special Edition Fiat 500 Sold for 55,000 Euros


The very first example of face lifted special edition Fiat 500 has been unveiled and has been sold at auction in Monaco to support ‘Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Europe’ human rights foundation program.


This one-of-a kind special edition Fiat 500 is painted in Bossa Nova white and red roof with unique calfskin exterior customization by the Umbrian master craftsman Stefano Conticelli. It’s hard to distinguish the new face lifted Fiat 500 than its predecessor, but one can easily identify this special edition Fiat 500 in the flow of traffic. Stefano Conticelli used specially treated natural honey gold colour calfskin leather wrapped around car’s iconic style elements such as wheel arches, rear light clusters, headlights and chrome – plated whiskers to enhance their presence. The convertible roof is in red colour with leather covered basket on the tailgate while wing mirrors have been done up in mahogany wood.



This special edition Fiat 500 is a lounge trim level equipped with 1.2 liter four-cylinder engine punching 69 HP but what sets it apart from other models is special leather wrap done by the craftsman Stefano Conticelli. The sky blue highlights surrounding the leather patches pay tribute to the famous Riva yachts.

This car was auctioned off at “I Defend Gala 2015” in a Monte Carlo city. The luxurious features with special leather wrap treatment has obviously created a sensation and car has been sold at a whopping price of 55,000 Euros, that’s more than three times of its basic price. The money raised during the auction is donated to ‘Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Europe’ foundation to support various human rights education programs.


The Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Europe (RFK Europe) was created in 2005 to promote and build on the work of the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, with a focus on bringing human rights education and advocacy programs to European schools and communities. Through its offices in Florence, Italy; Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Europe extends its human rights education and advocacy programs across Europe, raising awareness and igniting change.


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