Used Car Valuation – Things To Remember While Calculating Used Car Value

Used car valuation

Automobile e-commerce platforms have brought about a significant shift in the psyche of used car buyers. When earlier the second hand car valuation was determined on the whims and fancies of the dealership, today with the subsequent tech integration, everyone can check an unbiased vehicle pricing within seconds. According to the article published in Economic Times, “Used cars have seen a 5-10% increase in prices and online transactions have surged by 25% on organized players platforms like Droom, etc.”

Today, every touchpoint of the used car buying journey has been refined with sophisticated tech solutions. Now, you do not need to rely on unbiased information and middlemen commissions to check used car prices. Simply, get online and with minimal vehicle information, you can check the selling price of any used vehicle. You can check for various vehicle categories such as SUV, Hatchback, sports bike, cruiser bike, Sedan, etc.

Now, the question comes how to check used car price? Well, here is your answer!

Important things to keep in mind while calculating used car value

  • It is not based on guesswork

Used car valuation tool is not based on guesswork. It is AI machine learning tool that crawls through humungous data of past transactions, current depreciation value, and many important sets of data points with which a fair market price estimation is generated.

  • It is based on exact vehicle condition

The final price estimation is determined by the condition of the vehicle. Irrespective of if you are a buyer or a seller, you can get the best bargain out of a vehicle buying deal by checking the right price estimation based on the exact vehicle condition. As a seller, make sure that you get the vehicle serviced and replace the worn our out damaged part to get the maximum value of your vehicle.

  • It helps you with smart research

As a buyer, you can do your own research and check out the fair price of any used vehicle you are looking to buy. Keep aside the dubious pricing estimates and make an informed pricing decision to save your money and time.

  • It gives you unbiased estimation with minimal vehicle information

All you must have been, vehicle information which includes Make, Model, Year, Trim, Kms Driven, and location. You need not be an expert in the automobile industry or be an expert in used car valuation. Simply put in the vehicle information and you will have used car valuation within seconds for free.

Used car valuation tool have done wonders for the used car market. It has brought the much-needed trust and transparency to bring all the involved parties to a mutually conclusive price. No need to spend hours and days going through the unnecessary hassles of pricing negotiations.

Go online to check used car price

The online platform has eliminated the major pain point of the old vehicle buying journey i.e., used car pricing. While on one side the seller wants nothing less than the highest value for their car irrespective of the condition, the buyer, on the other hand, does not want to spend a penny more than the car deserves. The online platform has created a perfect meeting point for buyers and sellers to settle on the fair market price than to get tangled in unnecessary pricing negotiations.

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