Exploring Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles and Mobility Cars

In times past, people with disabilities which confined them to wheelchairs were limited in what they could do especially due to mobility issues. The issue of accessibility and mobility inhibits the independence of this class of people, impacting their quality of life. But thanks to technological innovations, such folks can now move from place to place without issues. 

One of such innovations is mobility cars and cars that are designed with accessibility for wheelchairs. With these innovations wheelchair users have freedom of movement and enjoy equal opportunities and the ability to take part in different kinds of activities. This in turn empowers them and fosters inclusivity.

In this article, we will explore these vehicles and how users can choose the most suitable for them so stay with us.

Understanding Mobility Cars and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

To understand these types of vehicles and the benefit they bring to the users, you need to know the basics and features. Therefore we will discuss the definition, purpose, and features of these vehicles:-

Definition and Purpose

Wheelchair accessible vehicles simply referred to as WAVs are specially made to provide mobility solutions for people who use wheelchairs. These automobiles are designed to cater to them and offer them independence and freedom to travel without restrictions. The main purpose of vehicles with wheelchair accessibility is to help people with mobility challenges access their vehicles without stress.

Features and Modifications of WAVs

WAVs often undergo different modification and improvements to create a convenient environment that’s safe for wheelchair users. These features include the following:-

Lifts and Ramps

WAVs are equipped with lifts or ramps to enable the user enter and exit the vehicle smoothly. These features can either be operated automatically or manually and allows the user to enter and exit the vehicle without exerting much energy. This is actually an important part of the public transportation system in the UK. You can read the government’s position on this here: https://www.gov.uk/.

Lowered Floors

The floors of these WAVs are lowered to create enough headroom for the user and ensure that the seating position is comfortable. This type of floor also add to a more aerodynamic and spacious interior which enhances adaptability.

Securement Systems

Features such as tie downs for wheelchairs and restrains for occupants are installed to make sure that the wheelchair remains secure and stable when in transit.

Accessible Seating

This feature is designed to enable the wheelchair user sit in their chair while in transit. This therefore means that the seats of the car are configured in such a way that there is space for the chair and the position is easily accessible. Components of this feature include seats that are foldable or removable.

Adaptations and Controls

Adaptive controls are configured into WAVs based on the need of individual users. The adaptations are made to enable people with limited mobility operate their vehicles without help. Some of these adaptive controls include brakes and accelerators that are controlled by hand and also modification to the steering wheels.

These adaptive controls and other features make WAVs a safe and stress free way of transportation for wheelchair users. This in turn enhances their independence, mobility and ability to take part in different daily activities just like every other person.  

Factors to Consider When Choosing WAVs and Mobility CarsChoosing WAVs and Mobility Cars

Due to the fact that these vehicles are specialized automobiles, it will be remiss of anyone to just up and buy the first one that catches their fancy. Therefore we will share some tips on the factor to consider before making a choice.

Individual Needs Such as Lifestyle, Budget and Physical Requirement

Under these categories of things to consider are the following:-

  1. Physical Requirements – Things to look out for in this regard include the dimension and weight of the wheelchair, seating preference and any extra aids for mobility. These factors will help you know determine the right modifications for the vehicle to ensure adequate comfort and accessibility.
  2. Lifestyle – Take into consideration the daily activities of the user and their lifestyle. What will the vehicle be primarily used for? Will they need it for cargo, or to carry additional passengers or for only the wheelchair user?  Answering these questions will enable you make the right decision as per the size of the vehicle, its seating and storage capacity
  3. Budget – This is a serious consideration for any kind of purchase; therefore you need to set a budget that is realistic. Think of every cost that’s associated with the purchase and long term costs such as insurance, maintenance and fuel. Look out for funding options such as assistance programs and grants to help you offset the cost. You can also look out for mobility cars for sale from dealers that offer promos and seasonal sales programs.

The Right Size and Configuration of the Vehicle

Choosing the right size and configuration for your vehicle is highly important as it determines the comfort and functionality of the vehicle. The following are factors to consider:-

  1. Interior Space – Your choice must have enough space for the wheelchair user to be comfortable. Ensure that you get the right measurement of your wheelchair so that you can get the right fit for your vehicle. Also consider storage and additional seating.
  2. Accessibility – This has to do with the entry and exit points. Check out mechanisms such as lifts or ramps and be sure that they are easy to use and reliable. Ensure that the vehicle provides efficient and safe boarding and alighting for the user.
  3. Manoeuvrability – Check out how easily you can manoeuvre the automobile in narrow streets or tight space. Consider visibility, ease of handling and turning radius among other factors.


There are some other factors to consider such as the safety of the car and the durability. We have discussed several things about WAVs and how to choose the best one for you. However, the essence of this article is to help you understand the basics of these automobiles so that you can know what to look out for when you go shopping for one.

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