Bentley Exp10 Speed 6 Concept

Bentley Motors unveiled sector-defining two-seater sports car, Bentley EXP10 Speed 6 Concept at the 2015 Geneva International Auto Show. This concept gives insight into potential future model line up of Bentley Motors with contemporary design, highly skilled hand-crafting, advanced materials and high performance engineering. This new concept offers driver-oriented performance with trademark Bentley luxury features fused with the latest technology and techniques.


The muscular and aerodynamic body design together with high performance expresses ‘speed’ DNA of Bentley Motors while copper elements accents on exterior and interior highlights new hybrid power-train used in this concept. The front design features an iconic Bentley matrix grille and four oval shaped headlights with a new front bumper and smaller radiator shell. Bentley used cutting edge 3D metal printing technology in manufacturing of complex 3D geometry components such as grille mesh, exhausts, door handles and side vents.


Viewed from the side, there are some Aston Martin One -77 cues in design of window line and swan – wing door, but sharp lines and flowing surfaces inspired by the aerodynamic design of fuselage and wings brought together with beauty and precision. Dynamic features such as wide body design with bulging rear wheel arches, short front overhang, long bonnet, low grille and streamlined flow surfaces hints at modern sport car with racing DNA. The rear end of the concept features attractive quad exhausts and single set of tail lights.


Swing open that door and you will be greeted with a blend of contemporary interior with high-tech gizmos such as 12 – inch touch screen in the narrow centre console with curve screen technology (upper section curls outwards towards the passengers) and hybrid analogue speedometer with three digital displays showing power usage, battery charge and fuel level. The leather covered winged dash floats in thin sections of wood joined by a narrow central console at the centre. The console houses 12 – inch touch screen and below the screen located beautiful gear shifter topped with cherry wood and bronzed start/stop button with Bentley ‘B’ logo. Several controls feature Bentley’s familiar knurled finish, while leather, copper, bronze, steel and cherry wood are used throughout cabin construction. Two elegant leather covered sport seats are positioned either side of the central console and behind each seat is an individual luggage compartment designed to accommodate four-piece luggage set.


Bentley has confirmed that concept uses a petrol-electric hybrid power train but not released any further details regarding engine specifications. There are speculations that Bentley may use either 4.0 – litre twin turbo V8 or 6.0 – litre twin turbo W12 engine layouts to maintain the model’s reputation of effortless performance.


Bentley bosses confirmed that Speed 6 Concept is all but certain to go into production in next few years.



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