America’s Newest Supercar: The 500hp Rezvani Beast

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In May 2014, Rezvani Automotive Designs (RAD), a California-based automotive design and manufacturing company made claim that they are aiming to make it into supercar world’s elite circle with their latest entry, the Rezvani Beast. Exactly after one year down the line they have proved their claim by officially revealing 500hp, 750kg Rezvani Beast’s full scale production model. In fact news is that couple of Beasts have already been sold.

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Rezvani Motors was founded by Ferris Rezvani, a designer who has already proven design experience on cars for Aston Martin, Ferrari & DBC. This car will go under production at 50,000-square-foot RAD facility operating in Santa Ana, California. We had seen renderings of this car floating around the web for some time and had some rough idea about how car might look like but in flesh, car looks more refreshing and better than renderings.

Born on the track and designed for road, this Beast represents new era of high performance supercar design with different styling. The Rezvani Beast supercar is based on the Ariel Atom and uses the same chassis with a lightweight carbon fibre body, leather touch interior, slender headlights & aggressive sporty diffuser.

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The Beast is powered by Honda Racing K24 DOHC 2.4L Rotrex supercharged and Intercooled engine punching 500hp @ 7350 RPM & 374 ft.lbs torque @ 5950 RPM. Its look like Lamborghinis and Ferraris will be left in the dust as the vehicle can propel from 0 to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds; thanks to its 500 horsepower 2.4-liter supercharged engine and low curb weight of 1650 lbs (750kg).

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In an age where many supercars rely on electronic aids, the Beast gives control back to the driver. Founder and CEO Ferris Rezvani said, “By limiting as much electronic interference as we could, we were able to allow the driver to feel every inch of the road at their fingertips.” Advanced 3D-printing techniques are used to create the unique shapes of the headlight casing, taillight casing, and mirrors. Windshield is optional. The Beast is available for purchase starting at $165,000 and currently available for public viewing at RAD showroom: 2920 Red Hill Ave. Costa Mesa, CA 92626.

Other important performance parameters are as follows:

Engine: Honda Racing K24 DOHC 2.4L

Power: 500 HP @ 7350 RPM

Transmission: 6-Speed Close Ratio Manual

0-60 mph Time: 2.7 Seconds

Top Speed: 162 MPH (260 km/hr)

Drivetrain: Rear-Wheel Drive

Curb Weight: 1650 LBS (750kg)

Seating: 2

Base Price: $ 165,000

This car looks fast and agile, but I wonder how well this car will do at track day. Well, we will see it in coming months. For now, enjoy the sneak peak of this supercar below:



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