Amazing custom Batcycle spotted!!


The first Batman Story published in Detective Comics 27 in May 1939. Batman proved hit character and instantly became the top selling and most influential publisher in 1940. Over the years we have seen in TV series & Hollywood movies; how Batman’s character and his Batcycle evolved with new futuristic gadgets added to it.

This fully armoured dynamic Batcycle with roaring engine sound and distinctive wing shaped tailfins is a centre of attraction for millions people around the world. People are always obsessed with Batcycle such that 1966 George Barris designed Batcycle sold for $4.62 million at Arizona auction in Jan 2012! This sleek street machine kept in Batcave with secret hidden access is used by batman to fight evil forces on the street of Gotham City. Over the past 25 years so many car enthusiasts tried to replicate Batcycle; one of them is Zac Mihajlovic who spent almost two years to build his own Batcycle to cheer sick children in Australia. There are many other examples of Batman super-fans who builded stunning Street Legal Batcycle.


Now this time one more fan is added to the superfan club of Batman and his Batcycle and it’s nothing but a company called “Game Over Cycle” based at Lubaczow, Poland. The ‘Game Over Cycle’ builds custom bikes and cars, modify series models and offer full service and diagnostics for various cars and bike models.

Latest masterpiece from this company is an incredible custom motorcycle trike which they termed as “Batman Bike”. As per the company statement, they are still working on redesigning new tail wings, completely new suspension and are expecting to finish remaining work by next bike season. Till then you can enjoy current photos of “Batman Bike” and we will bring you new updates of this bike as soon as they are available.

Hasn’t everyone wanted to own a Batcycle at sometime in their life? Well; Batman Bike can’t replace actual Batcycle but they can afford to have it in their garage and can enjoy Batman like ride whenever they want.


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