A Sneak Peak at India’s latest MPV: Datsun GO+


Nissans low budget brand Datsun has launched its GO last year in India but unlikely to hit its sales target last year Datsun has planned to capture the Indian automotive market with the Datsun GO+. As all car companies know that the Indian automotive market is very sensitive and if a car is priced at a little higher price range, the crowd shows no mercy and the car faces a similar fate such as the Honda jazz, Tata aria and the new gen ford fiesta. After doing a thorough research in the Indian market Datsun has planned to launch it’s GO+ at a very low and competitive cost of 3.9 lakhs. The 7 seater MPV is mocked as one of the cheapest MPVs in the world.

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The GO+ has the same front face, grille and headlamps as the GO. To keep its cost down, the length of the car has been capped less than 4 metres to qualify for concessional excise duties. The major change from the GO is the stretched rear where the extra row of seating comes into play. Beyond the length though there is not much of a change in design with Datsun going along with similar tail lamp cluster. A wraparound design may have spiced things up a bit.

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The GO+ profits from the excellent cabin structure of its small car that squeezed out the most space from a smaller wheelbase. Legroom and headroom at the front. Two rows are great and the large glass area gives an airy feel to the cabin. Unfortunately, the third row of seat does not work one bit and is cramped all around. The third row of GO+ can only be occupied by kids and kids do grow!!!

The Datsun GO+ even though looks like a good competitor, it doesn’t succeed in any category as it is a estate type vehicle and it is on demand only for those who have specific needs and requirements. Instead there are better options in the market. Hoping to see the Datsun GO + enter the Indian market and fare well.

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