5 Must Have Accessories for Your 4X4 Vehicle

SUV cover

You have finally bought your dream car and if you think that this is where the road ends you are very wrong! A car isn’t complete without the 4WD accessories. If you are thinking that accessories are a waste of money, think again. Yes, there are some accessories that are added for some extra character, there are many wheel accessories that are necessary for everyday driving.

If you want, you can ask the dealer to include the basic accessories along with the brand new wheel or buy it from the market after looking at different options. Here are five must-have accessories that your new 4X4 off-roading vehicle requires:

  1. Car Cover: A car cover is highly essential since it protects the car from rain, sunlight, dust, and even bird droppings. There are some dealers who provide the car cover for free along with a new car. If you didn’t get a car cover, you could purchase one easily, and they aren’t very expensive. Try to get a car cover before you bring the new car home since that will protect the car from damage and also retain the shine of the car longer that when it is exposed to the elements of weather.
  2. Security System: When you bring in a new 4X4, it is bound to catch the attention of everyone including the thief. It is important toget the security system installed before you can drive home your wheel. Experts recommend going for a fitted immobilizer provided by the automobile manufacturer. Also, set up a tracking system in the 4X4 Wheel with coordinates sent to your registered phone number.
  3. Floor Mats: The interior of the wheel is as important as the exterior. Even if you see a fancy sports car with a dirty interior, you wouldn’t want to sit on it for a ride. It is crucial to maintain a clean interior just like you use the best 4X4 lift kits for the vehicle. Get your wheel fitted with all weather floor mats that can be cleaned easily.SUV floor mats
  4. Car Chargers: This is the age of smart-phones and we use them for navigation, music and making calls. In such a situation, it is obvious that the smart-phones will run out of battery especially if you are on a road trip. Install multi-pin car chargers in the vehicle so that you never have to worry about any of your smart devices running out of juice during a long ride.
  5. Mobile Holder: Talking on the phone while driving is an offense and can also pose a threat to your life. It also gets difficult to hold the phone in your hand to navigate and drive the car. You can avoid both these issues if you purchase a mobile holder and keep your phone on it while driving.mobile holder

While you make sure that the 4WD suspension lift kits, tires and wheel rims are all in place before purchasing a wheel, make sure that these five accessories are installed in the new 4×4 before you take it home. 

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