Spinny – The Best Platform To Buy And Sell Second Hand Cars

second hand cars

Buying a car is a big decision for any individual or family. It is often surrounded by apprehension and confusion. Everyone wants the best car, but there is much to consider, like the prices, features, quality, your needs, etc. Wanting to upgrade from time to time is also a common want but can turn out to be not so doable. However, all the possible needs and wants pertaining to buying or selling a car point to a unanimous solution– second hand cars.

Today, second hand cars in Delhi, Kolkata, and other major cities have become a very convenient option with many benefits like better prices, better resale value, great deals, etc. These benefits are applicable only when buying from a certified car dealer such as Spinny. It is a platform that is known to offer the best deals to its customers, keeping in mind all of their needs. 

Here’s why Spinny is the best platform to buy and sell second hand cars:

  • Spinny BuyBack: At Spinny, upgrading your car is much easier with their BuyBack policy. When you buy a car from Spinny, they offer you 3 flexible Buyback tenures – 6 months, 12 months and 18 months. If you wish to return your car within this period, you can choose one, get a fixed BuyBack value and sell your old car without any hassles.
  • Spinny 5-Days Money Back Guarantee: Spinny is a site that leaves no space for regret, with a goal to make sure that its customers are always satisfied. Even after you buy a second car, Spinny gives you a 5-day window to test the car completely and in case of any challenges, return the car with 100% money back, no questions asked.
  • Spinny’s 200 Point Inspection: With Spinny’s 200 point inspection checklist, all your worries will be put to rest. There is a thorough analysis of the exterior, interior, underbody, functionality, tyres, buttons, engine and other features. The results are available in a report generated for every car to get a clear picture and information on the car’s condition.
  • Spinny’s 1 Year Warranty: All of Spinny’s cars come with a 1-year warranty. This warranty provides coverage on various aspects of engines and peripherals among other points to ensure the vehicle functions smoothly. You can claim this warranty easily by calling or emailing their support team.
  • Spinny Fixed Price Assurance: Spinny gives you a fixed price for every car through thorough market research on different values. This saves you from all the troubles of price negotiation.
  • Safety and Hygiene: Each car at Spinny Hubs is sanitized once in 24 hours as well as before and after every test drive under the #WithExtraCare initiative. All executives in the Hubs follow strict WHO guidelines during the process.  A safety kit with disposable masks, gloves, and sanitizer is provided to all customers.

With all of the above-listed features and the great collections of second hand cars in Delhi, Mumbai and other cities, Spinny surely is an ideal car dealer. The convenience, transparency between dealers and buyers and great deals is hard to find. So start browsing the perfect second hand car and don’t miss out on the chance to buy the one at a very reasonable price only with Spinny.

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