Ian Kings Black Manta WideBody Corvette C6

We all are quite familiar with Akira Nikai’s distinctive wide body work on Porsche known as RWB (Rauh-Welt Begriff, which can be translated as “Rough World Perception”). In aftermarket tuning world, everyone knows the RWB Porsches and Akira Nakai’s creations. In April 2014, Ian King, an owner of the Philippine based ‘Car Porn Racing Garage’ and Nakai worked together and installed RWB widebody kit on Ian’s 1994 Porsche Carrera 2. This project became an instant hit worldwide and caught the attention of thousands of auto enthusiasts across the globe. Ever since, the ‘Car Porn Racing Garage’ has become the 1st official workshop in the Philippines region which provides custom RWB WideBody kits for the 930, 964 and 993 body types.

Black Manta WideBody Corvette C6

Now Ian King has just unveiled its latest crazy widebody project, which is termed as ‘The Black Manta’. This insane beast is nothing but supercharged Chevy Corvette C6 face-lifted to C7 with specially designed matte black Widebody kit. This time Ian King has tried his hands on Corvette and the end result is insane as usual.

Black Manta WideBody Corvette C6

The Batmobile inspired Black Manta features widebody kit which includes newly designed front bumper, carbon fiber front splitter, wing shaped hood with air vents and bolt-on flared front and rear wheel arches. The rear facia is dominated by large rear wing trunk spoiler and a specially designed rear diffuser.

Black Manta WideBody Corvette C6

The car looks more aggressive from the front due to wide wheel arches and is lowered considerably using an adjustable AirRex suspension setup. This beast rolls on 20 inch DPE SPR 10 series wheels which perfectly fill the wide wheel arches. Please check the  below Gallery for more detailed images of the Black Manta Roadster!!

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