Audi RS Q8 Goliath by Wheelsandmore

Audi RS Q8 Goliath

The 2020 Audi RS Q8 is yet another marvel from the German luxury car manufacturer and is a go-faster version of a premium off-roader, the Audi Q8. This is the most expensive RS model from Audi so far and with nearly 600 horsepower under its chassis, this super performance car has also taken away the crown of the fastest lap from Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S at the fearsome Nürburgring circuit. While the Merc got the lap record of 7 mins 49.3 seconds at the circuit last year, the Audi RS Q8 got it completed in 7 min 42.25 seconds. Although this model from Audi is in itself a top performer, a German automotive tuning company Wheelsandmore, has modified this car to bring out the beast from it and has named it “Audi RS Q8 Goliath”. We will be first discussing about the original Audi RS Q8 model and later about the modification done on it.

Audi RS Q8

Exterior Design

The Audi RS Q8 looks more or less like the Lamborghini Urus, but with a slightly less aggressive look than the Urus. It is definitely sure to leave your jaw dropped. The front face is dominated by an RS specific thick black coloured radiator grille, with black Audi logo and a RS badge on it. The front splitters are bit lower to make it more aggressive and sportier. The lightings are powered through HD Matrix LED headlights in RS Design with dynamic rear indicators and lighting animations.

Audi RS Q8

On the sides, you get 22-inch alloy wheels as the standard and an option for 23 inch as well. Other noticeable features on the sides includes body coloured door mirrors as well as side skits to make it more aerodynamic.

At the rear, you get to see an extended roof spoiler once again to improve the aerodynamics of the car, the RS Q8 badge, a redesigned rear bumper, a diffuser and a classic RS oval twin exhausts with two pipes in each one of it.

Audi RS Q8

It’s a heavy vehicle and it takes ventilated perforated steel disc brakes to stop it when required. The steel discs measure 420 mm at the front and 370 mm at the rear. There is also an option to have a lighter 34 kg ceramic brakes that measures 440 mm at the front and 370 mm at the rear.


Interior Design

The interior of the RS Q8 is based on the Q7 and has some of the unique features as well. As soon as you enter the car, you get to see hardly any buttons leaving you to think whether the future cars will have any buttons or not. The car gets futuristic cabin with all the flat surfaces covered in either glossy black or expansive touchscreens. The MMI touch system is quite similar to the standard Q8 and consists of two different screens. With the RS label, the Nappa leather and Alcantara trim comes as a standard with the ambient lighting tastefully integrated. The rear gets three seat sliding bench which when folded frees about 60 cubic feet of space for baggage.

Audi RS Q8

Engine, Transmission and Performance

Under the hood of the Audi RS Q8, there is a big plastic cover that hides massive 4.0 litre twin turbo V8 petrol engine delivering a brutal 600 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque. This is the same engine that serves the likes of Porsche Cayenne Turbo and the Lamborghini Urus. This massive power source gets this Audi sports SUV sprint from 0-100 Kmph in just 3.8 seconds. Other fittings contributing to the power includes the Quattro permanent all-wheel-drive and an eight speed Tiptronic transmission making this vehicle a supremely capable performer. The car gets a Quattro sport rear differential that sends power to the rear wheels to get you the most grip when turning out and while skids too. That’s interesting, isn’t it ?


Power upgrades by Wheelsandmore

Started in 1999, Wheelsandmore a German automotive tuning company specializes in handmade exhaust systems, customized rims and special tailings and have put some work on this giant SUV. The result is an increased performance for the all new Audi RS Q8 and an upgraded name Audi RS Q8 Goliath. The modified version is capable of generating 1010 horsepower and 1248 Nm of torque, helping the vehicle to have a sprint time for 0-100 kmph reduced by 0.2 seconds to 3.6 sec.

There are 5 stages of upgrade that is offered by the company and the additional cost details are as below:

  • Stage 1 costs 2,100 Euro and generates 710 horsepower, 920 Nm of torque
  • Stage 2 costs 7,688 Euro and generates 725 horsepower, 930 Nm of torque
  • Stage 3 costs 12,521 Euro and generates 786 horsepower, 1,060 Nm of torque
  • Stage 4 costs 33,529 Euro and generates 965 horsepower, 1,250 Nm of torque
  • Stage 5 costs 41,933 Euro and generates 1010 horsepower, 1,250 Nm of torque

Rims upgrade by Wheelsandmore

The company has continued to inspire its customers from around the world with its individually manufactured aluminium alloy rims for over 20 years now. With the RS Q8, since the 24-inch wheels are the best choice, the company offers G-Logic wheels that is available in 10.5 x 24 inches wide on the front axle and 12.5 x 24 inches measuring on the rear mount format. Wheelsandmore also uses a special machine that is able to offer its customers individual finishing options with a noble diamond turned rim front. It implies that the company will be able to provide any colour finish along with a design combined with a high-gloss-bi-colour front.

Suspension upgrade by Wheelsandmore

The LowMaxx system used by wheelsandmore allows lowering the original air suspension of the RS Q8 by using the smartphone APP controls that also reduces the height on customer preferences. There is also an option to install a plug-and-play connection which is extremely easy and the module is offered at a price of EUR 1680.


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