World’s first Liberty Walk Audi R8 Unveiled ahead of SEMA 2015

Liberty Walk Audi R8

The World’s first Liberty Walk Audi R8 Project is just unveiled by the Auto Performance Aesthetic Centre (APAC) in Maryland ahead of next month SEMA 2015. The Maryland based APAC is known for absolute perfection in performing the complex structural, mechanical, body and refinish work with a lifetime warranty. The bright Yellow Audi R8 with black switchblades looks absolutely stunning in Liberty Walk widebody kit.

Liberty Walk Audi R8

Few months back APAC released CGI rendering of Liberty Walk Audi R8 giving insights into how wide body Audi R8 may look; and after seeing this car in the flesh there is no doubt that the widebody conversion certainly makes this beast stand out from the rest of the sports cars. The Liberty Walk Audi features familiar LB styling features like bolt-on flared front and rear wheel arches, extended side skirts, custom front and rear bumpers, carbon fiber ducktail like rear spoiler. The new suspension set up likely from AirRex has lowered Audi R8 considerably while the wheel and tyre setup looks good. It fills the widened bodywork perfectly providing better grip on the road where this beast is needed the most.

Liberty Walk Audi R8

The Liberty walk projects generally use an Armytrix aftermarket exhaust system in most of the projects, but it’s still unclear which system they have used for the Audi R8 project. Other details regarding weight saving, performance enhancement, engine tuning and interior are unavailable at this stage. In the last few years, Liberty Walk has become highly sought after name in the aftermarket auto tuning business and their low and wide cars are a breathtaking mixture of boldness, aggressiveness and stance. No doubt that this widebody Liberty Walk Audi R8 is no exception to that.

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