Top 4 Tips On Preparing Your Car For A Road Trip

Road Trip

Planning for a long road trip with your family?  Sounds great if you’ve got a well-kept ride that can make your journey memorable and more exciting. A big road trip can pose some challenges while you’re on the go, so you need to make sure your car is mechanically fit and all geared up for a seamless driving experience. Take a look at the following utility tips below to get your vehicle ready to hit the road.

Have your Car Inspected
The first thing to do is to take your vehicle for a thorough checkup at the nearest auto shop for service and have an experienced mechanic take a good look at it. This auto checkup is important to ensure everything goes smoothly on your journey and you don’t have to pit-stop for a lubricant refill or due to a flat tire. Make sure all systems in the vehicle like transmission system, engine, suspension and security systems like traction control and alarms are running smooth. Even if you do maintain your car on a regular basis, I suggest you get it checked by a professional mechanic before you take the road to avoid any hassle. If there are parts that require replacement of axles, tires or internal accessories, then have them installed. I recommend you ask the mechanic to use authentic auto parts. For example, if you plan to drive your Jeep Wrangler on this trip and you need replacement of Jeep TJ axles and Jeep Wrangler bumpers, buy only from a reliable vendor.

Jeep Wrangler axle


Check the Fluids
Keep a check on the fluids and have the auto shop mechanic look for any fluid replacements or refills. Lubricants like coolant, engine oil, brake oil, and wiper fluid will need to be checked to ensure smooth functioning of your vehicle.You need to have sufficient amount of liquids for every component that would last through the road trip. Also, remember to check your battery to ensure it’s fully charged up and has clean terminals with a properly configured wiring.It’s a good idea to spare car battery and jumper cables so that you don’t have to look for a mechanic in the middle of your journey.

Inspect the Tires & the Brakes
If you’re heading for a long road trip, your vehicle must have strong robust tires in excellent condition with optimized tire pressure. Check if the tires are aligned well! Are the nuts & bolts properly fitted? Also, take a look at the brakes and make sure they’re working fine. It will ensure a safe trip in different driving conditions.

Tires & Brakes

Pack Up Important Gear
Before you head out for your road trip, it’s important to pack a few important accessories to help make your journey stress-free and convenient. Remember to pack in an emergency medical kit and basic tools like a spare tire, a jack, and different screwdrivers etc., for scenarios where you have to clear the windshield, tighten a nut or refill a liquid. Keep some extra lubricants in the car like windshield fluid, coolant etc., along with torchlight, some snacks to nosh on and a thermal blanket. I also suggest that you take important tech tools with you like your smartphone’s charger and accompanying accessories, a backup GPS navigation system, audio gadgets, and a rechargeable battery.

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