7 Facts to Know About Speeding Tickets in California

speeding ticket

Receiving a speeding ticket in California can be costly, in more ways than one. You may be required to pay a fine and, depending on the circumstances, even have your license suspended. A San Diego traffic lawyer can help, but it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with some speeding ticket facts before you make your next move.

speeding ticket

  1. Speeding is the #1 type of traffic violation in California.
  2. Having a record of speeding tickets can cause your car insurance premium to increase. Naturally, a driver who is disinclined to follow the law is more likely to cause an accident. Your insurance company is likely to view you as a liability if you have a pattern of violations. This can cost you hundreds of extra dollars each year.
  3. Most speeding tickets will result in you incurring a point on your license. If you rack up four points in a single year, your license may be temporarily suspended.
  4. The fine for a speeding ticket depends on how fast you are driving and in what location. If you drive 26 miles over the speed limit in a construction zone, you may be on the hook for a staggering $650 penalty.
  5. Speeding while driving a commercial vehicle can be especially costly. Tickets for motorists with commercial driver’s licenses have higher fines and rack up more points than tickets for the average driver.
  6. You can keep points off your license by attending traffic school and passing an exam administered after the course. If you get another citation within 18 months, you will likely not be allowed to attend school again, instead incurring a point.
  7. Contesting a speeding ticket is a smart move. If the court finds in your favor, you may avoid paying a fine, receiving points on your license, and getting stuck with a higher car insurance rate.

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