ReinART Design unveiled Liberty Walk Nissan GTR

Hong Kong based ReinART Design is well known for after-market automotive tuning and is a premier consultant for the custom automotive style and performance enhancement of exotic and luxury vehicles. They have collaborated with world renowned tuner Simon Motorsport for in house tuning and are working in partnership with various proven brands like Prior Design, LB performance, Mansory etc.

Reinart design widebdy Nissan GTR-11

Reinart Design finished their very first Liberty Walk car and its 2011 Nissan GTR with just 3000KM on the clock. Over the past few years, Liberty Walk, brainchild of auto enthusiast Wataru Kato, has been making waves all over the tuning industry due to its radical widebody styling. Liberty Walk is pioneer in starting the whole over fender trend which is taking over the modern car culture.

Reinart design widebdy Nissan GTR-8

The Liberty Walk Nissan GTR features Liberty Walk aerodynamic kit and 20” custom PUR forged wheels which perfectly fit into wider over fenders. Other modifications include Airrex air suspension to get much needed slammed look and to lower the car enough. To provide the right voice for this beast, Kline Innovation has built Inconel catless turboback system with a set of carbon fiber tips. This system uses Inconel 625 alloy material which is lighter and stronger than titanium, thus allows thinner piping for an exhaust system for same structural strength. That’s why Inconel exhausts have high pitched resonance, something that we all associated with high revving race cars.

Reinart design widebdy Nissan GTR-5

To enhance performance, ReinART Design installed 1000cc Injector Dynamics injectors along with a COBB tuning to increase fuel intake boosting engine output to over 600hp. Other modifications include carbon fiber front splitter, enlarged side skirts, custom front and rear bumper and duck-tail like spoiler at the rear.

Reinart design widebdy Nissan GTR-9

This is the first Liberty Walk Nissan GTR in Hong Kong and already catching the attentions of people while running on Hong Kong streets. By people’s response, it looks like this GODZILLA in its new shape is definitely eye catching and worth to see in the flesh while cruising on the roads. Stay tuned to IndyaCars to know more updates about this beast.


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