How a used car valuation calculator can help you with resale value of a car

Used cars

If you are looking forward to purchase a car it is important that you see the features and accessories it offers. These features and accessories are the key factors that influence your decision to buy a particular car. However, there is one important feature that needs close attention i.e. resale value.

used car valuation calculator

What is resale value?

Whether you buy a new or a used car, resale value can be a game changer for you. Resale value is price, which you get when you sell the vehicle after using it for a few years. The resale value of a car is dependent on the depreciation and as the depreciation rate increases the value of the car decreases. Resale value of a car is dependent on factors like fuel efficiency, durability, availability of parts and advanced interiors. Most of the time, the showroom salesman might tell you the cars worth after a few years but how do you check the resale value of a used car? Or What if you need a more credible source than the salesman?

used car valuation

You can take the help of a used car valuation calculator to determine the resale value of a car. A used car valuation calculator is an algorithmic tool which uses its stored database to give you an estimate value of the car. It is available on numerous automobile websites but for the best results you can refer to The used car valuation calculator made by Orange Book Value has an interactive user interface and has various other features which can give you more accurate results.

To get the valuation from the OBV’s calculator, you have to enter details like the vehicles brand, model, variant, year of purchase and kilometers driven. After you click the submit button, the tool will analyze the provided data and compare it with the website database. The valuation will be shown on the screen along with other values that differ with the car’s condition. If you looking for the valuation of a used car, you can scroll down to find sliders which define the condition of a particular component. These sliders can be used for a more accurate car valuation.

used car valuation

If you are unsure about using the tool you can call for Eco inspection service. Inspection is very important for a used car buyer or seller. Vehicles with inspection certificate tend to get more buyers at the perfect price. The inspection is done by qualified professionals who examine the car thoroughly and check for damages. After the inspection, you will be given a certificate and the estimate of your car’s value.

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