BMW i8 by TAG Motorsports

California based Tag Motorsports is famous for tuning cars and its level ahead of other players when it comes to tuning supercars. Tag motorsports has one of the most skilled auto mechanics and technicians who strive for excellence.

Tag Motors 2015 BMW i8 on Vossen Forged VPS-309-3

The i8 is the flagship of BMW’s burgeoning Eco-friendly i sub-brand. Offered exclusively as a coupe, the i8 uses an advanced plug-in hybrid drivetrain to provide an exhilarating driving experience while returning better fuel economy than even the tiniest economy cars sold on these shores.TAG Motorsports can make any car roar on the track as well as street legal cars, as Tag motorsports has got its hands on many sports and luxury cars, This time it is a BMW i8.

Yes it is indeed a BMW i8 by TAG Motorsports. They have of course done an unquestionable job of tuning the hybrid as well as giving it a subtle and unique look. Here is what TAG Motorsports had to say on its BMW i8 project “Recently here at TAG we had a beautiful new i8 come into the shop. We had been looking forward to getting our hands on one and couldn’t have been more excited.We are incredibly happy with how this car turned out and hope to get our hands on another soon! “

Tag Motors 2015 BMW i8 on Vossen Forged VPS-309

The BMW i8 was done for the Targa Trophy Supercar Event that weekend. Starting with suspension they swapped the OEM springs for a set of H&R lowering springs. TAG Motorsports also put the 22” Vossens on the BMW i8.

Coming to the paint work the grill surrounds were removed and were painted the original body colour with the electric blue shown on the main grill panels and also small streaks on the side. TAG Motorsports wanted to add  more color so they matched that beautiful electric blue that is accented on the side of the car and on the grill. TAG also painted the front and rear reflectors in body color, and topped it off with satin black rear badging.

The end product was one awesome, classic, tuned BMW i8.






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