Traffic fines

It’s exciting buying a new car, isn’t it? No matter what kind of shopper you are, be it a value shopper, imager shopper, safety-conscious shopper or methodical shopper, purchasing a new automobile means so much more than just choosing one you think looks good.This is of course important too, asContinue Reading

Buying car

You probably envision that on the day that you decide to buy a car, you will run out to the nearest dealership as soon as the research is finished, the budget is decided and the excitement has kicked in. You might not realize that there may be certain times ofContinue Reading

Driving in Europe

To give you some of its top tips on travelling by car in Europe, we’ve teamed up with car dealers, Lookers which specialize in new and old cars. Europe roads are very different to other countries in the UK, therefore you must be very cautious and plan your journey inContinue Reading

Road Trip

Planning for a long road trip with your family?  Sounds great if you’ve got a well-kept ride that can make your journey memorable and more exciting. A big road trip can pose some challenges while you’re on the go, so you need to make sure your car is mechanically fitContinue Reading

buying used cars

A car has become an essential part of every family in today’s age, but not everyone can afford to buy a brand new car. But worry not; there are thousands of used cars available at affordable rates. However, unlike brand new cars, used cars must be bought after deep scrutiny.Continue Reading

Few of us can afford the outlay required to buy a brand new sports car or top of the range luxury car, but leasing a performance car remains a viable and even affordable option. Depending on the type of lease agreement that you sign up for, the agreement may evenContinue Reading