Liberty Walk Tesla Model S Rendering

Liberty Walk Tesla

British artist Khyzyl Saleem has created a mind-blowing rendering of the Liberty Walk Tesla Model S. Until now, we haven’t seen any Tesla Model with Liberty Walk kit, but this rendering of wide body Tesla Model S is currently getting a lot of attention on the internet.

Liberty Walk is well known in aftermarket tuning business for its wide body kit with their riveted fender looks. We have already seen many Lambo’s, Ferrari’s and Nissan GT-R fitted with famous Liberty walk wide-body kits, which virtually turns them into spaceships for the roads. Liberty Walk cars with their distinctive wide body style statement are always at the centre of media attention.

The wide-body Tesla Model S rendering features a front splitter with extended side skirts, Liberty’s signature flared front and rear wheel arches and large boot-lid mounted rear spoiler. The lowered ride height complements its aggressive and wild look.


Tesla Model S is a full sized plug-in electric five door luxury sedan equipped with 85 KWh lithium ion battery and has an estimated 426 km (265 miles) electric range on a full charge. But adopting a Liberty Walk kit for this sedan incurs some technical complexities, as it involves cutting of wheel fenders and other modifications which may affect its battery performance. So we have to wait for some time to see this stunning wide body sedan in the flesh!

Liberty Walk Tesla

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