How to Find a Full Service Auto Repair Mechanic In Abbotsford BC

Auto Repair Mechanic

Having car troubles is one of the most annoying things we can deal with.  They’re inconvenient and make it difficult to get to work, especially when you have to commute.  One of the problems with it is that sometimes we can’t even get the car running.  That’s why finding the right mechanic is so important.

This can be an uphill battle unfortunately.  If you’re in British Columbia and live in Abbotsford, definitely make sure to continue reading today.  It’s always good to be able to plan ahead, even in small forms.  If there are any ways that we can do that, choosing an auto repairman before we have an emergency is one of them.

What do Mechanics do?

Before you hire one, it’s probably a good idea to learn what they do for you and your vehicle.  You can find some information on that in this article, first.  Primarily, they are trained to inspect, fix, and maintain automobiles in a variety of forms.

However, getting more specific, there are a few other things too.  For example, they might make a work plan for each that they service, evaluate them for any problems, replace any broken parts (or old ones), discuss potential options with their customers, follow any procedures and regulations when it comes to inspections, complete any repairs that are needed, and do routine maintenance.  They are professionally trained in this field.

Why Are They Important?

Auto Repair Mechanic

If you’ve ever been running late to an important appointment or meeting and ended up with a flat tire or malfunctioning brake pad, you might already be familiar with this.  However, they’re mostly important to ensure that we are safe and secure while out on the road.  There are a few common repairs that are often handled by them.

The first example I’ll cover here is fuel cap tightening.  There’s a light that comes on in many automobiles that means “check engine.”  Your fuel caps being loose are a surprisingly common culprit behind this, and while it might not seem like a big deal, it’s a big waste of fuel in the long run.

Of course, they’ll also handle any fixes that need to be done on your breaks.  This one is especially important given how many car accidents occur each year due to malfunctioning breaks in one way or another.  It’s dangerous to leave these unfixed, so don’t procrastinate on it.

In a similar vein are oil changes.  There are some specialized shops that do only this, but I prefer to visit a proper auto mechanic for my oil change needs. If you’re curious about why we need to change it in the first place, the answer lies in the dirt and debris that can build up in the oil of our vehicles over time – which is both gross and detrimental to the lifespan of the car.

Any tire issues you might have that you can’t fix on your own are also something they can handle for you.  This might involve a tire change or even putting air in them if they notice your pressure isn’t high enough to safely operate on the road.

Vehicles have batteries, meaning they have an entire electrical system as well.  If you’re looking to repair this, you might consider as an option if you’re in British Columbia.  When the battery dies or you need to replace the lightbulbs, an auto repair specialist is usually able to assist.

Auto Repair Mechanic

A smaller part that might need fixes are the spark plugs.  They’re in charge of fuel ignition in your engine, so you probably don’t think about them often.  However, when they break or malfunction, they can cause serious issues.  So, while your mechanic will probably already be on the lookout for issues, be sure to asl about them specifically as well.

The final thing I’ll mention today is oxygen sensors.  While we used to be able to fix them on our own in the past, in more modern vehicles, most manufacturers put a cover over them.  This means that mechanics are needed to access the sensor underneath.

What to Look For?

Now that you see how vital they are, you’re probably wondering what qualities you should prioritize when you want to hire one.  For one thing, you’ll want to ensure you’re hiring an automotive mechanic and not an automotive technician.  They have different functions, and you’ll want the former for most of the things I described above rather than the latter.

The most important thing you’ll want in one is great communication skills.  No one wants to have to rip their hair out when talking to someone, especially when they’re providing us with an important service.  Transparency about how the process will happen and any price ranges or hourly rates are definitely desirable as well.

Naturally, along with this, they should have a strong work ethic as well.  That’s true for most people in our lives, of course, but when you’re having someone work on your car (which is a lifeline for many of us), a slacker probably isn’t the first thing you want.  Otherwise, we would just try to read something like this handbook to figure it out ourselves. 

Additionally, as with all professionals, the mechanic you find should demonstrate a willingness to continue to learn even though they are already trained.  Everyone can continue to grow past their coursework, after all.  New problems and technology to solve them crop up all the time, so if they’re not familiar with it, you might want to move on.

Finally, good problem solving is practically a requirement.  If you don’t have high aptitude for isolating and handling problems that come up, you’re probably not suited for the field anyway.  So, while these might seem like strong requirements, they’re really not. 

Just keep them in mind as you begin your research.  Finding the right fit really isn’t as hard as it may seem.  As long as you can get along with them and have good rapport, it should be a good working relationship!

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