What is it about Supercars

What is it about Supercars
What is it about Supercars

Ask any car-lover and the answer will be the same – yes, they would like a supercar, thank you very much. However, being able to get hold of one isn’t that easy. With sky-high prices and limited production runs, it’s no wonder that any owner of a Ferrari Laferrari or Aston Martin One would have to deal with a great deal of jealousy from his or her friends.

But what is it that makes them so desirable? Is it the speed? With the cars on this list by Autoweb reaching speeds of above 250mph, there’s no doubt that there’s a lot of power in those chassis. Perhaps it’s the price – nothing is quite the status symbol of a car that set back the buyer more than a million pounds.

Perhaps it’s the look? One thing synonymous with supercars is that clean, sleek and polished look. No other car looks quite like a Pagani Zonda Cinque, or a Zenvo ST1.

Take a look at this list and imagine you won the lottery. Which one would you buy?

Supercars Infographic

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