Need For Speed “The Run_ Escape The Police”


Need for Speed: The NFS Run is the eighteenth installment in the NFS game franchise series and last installment in the third generation NFS games. Developed by EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts, The Run thrives on an exhilarating plot, thrilling gameplay and extraordinary graphics. Jack Rourke is valiant mechanic who runs a garage in San Francisco, but is in debt from a mafia gang. He hears of a racing event called “The Run” which is a cross-country race from San Francisco to New York City involving 210 street racers and has prize money of $25,000,000. If he wins this, he gets a clean slate and an improved life.

This particular video features the final escape scene from Las Vegas where the player (Jack Rourke) has to fight with the cops after being arrested. While being handcuffed, a distraction on the road helps the player to fight the cop and flee. As the cops and the police dog chase him, the player has to dodge them. The game not only offers high class racing, but also involves players controlling the action sequence. Towards the end of this video, the player has to dodge a few cars on the street and a truck trailor before finally escaping Las Vegas.

[youtube id=”V2J933w-l-w” align=”center” mode=”normal” maxwidth=”800″]

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