The 3 musketeers try to kill a Toyota

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The 3 musketeers try to kill a Toyota

Postby The Stig » Sun Jan 31, 2016 10:59 pm

The famous Top Gear has given us lots of fun to watch episodes of car related fun and entertainment. On one such instance the 3 presenters test a Toyota Hilux pickup truck.


As Toyota is known for its reliability and everlasting product life a funny version of testing a Toyota was produced by Top Gear.

The subject was a 13-year-old 1988 diesel Hilux that, based on its odometer, had clocked in 305,775 kilometers . Top Gear set out to show the viewers whether the old Hilux can stand one harrowing test after another, ranging from simple to extreme, and which one would finally “kill” the vehicle.

Watch for yourself as the 3 genius creatures test the truck

Part - 1

Part - 2

Part - 3

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