List of Top 10 Motoring shows

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List of Top 10 Motoring shows

Postby The Stig » Sun Dec 06, 2015 12:19 am

Hey guys, I am happy :D to be writing again on the Forum and this time i have put together a list of Top 10 International Motoring shows to be Broadcasted on Indian Television, Here is the list of those shows:

10) pimp My Ride


Pimp My Ride was a TV show produced by MTV and hosted by rapper Xzibit. Each episode consists of taking one car in poor condition and restoring it, as well as customizing it. The original American version was hosted by rapper Xzibit and Pimp My Ride International, featuring cars in central Europe, hosted by hip hop artists Fat Joe and Lil' Jon, as well as the related CMT series Trick My Truck.It was a TV show produced by MTV, Each episode consists of taking one car in poor condition and restoring it, as well as customizing it.

9) One Car Too Far


It's all about the drive to survive. In One Car Too Far former British Special Forces operative and an American car junkie are dropped into incredible landscapes and forced to work together to survive and ultimately escape to safety. The twist, they will have to take a small red car with them. It's the perfect combination as one knows how to drive and the other knows how to survive. With no proper roads and no real supplies, the two must rely on instinct and expertise alone to make it out. From the treacherous slopes and near-freezing temperatures of a mountain top, to the wet, dense vegetation of the rain-forest, they use whatever supplies they can find to turn a regular car into an all-purpose vehicle to get them over, under and through just about any obstacle in their way.

8) Wheeler Dealers


Wheeler Dealers is a British television series produced by Attaboy TV for the Discovery Channel, fronted by car enthusiast Mike Brewer and master mechanic Edd China. The premise of the show is that Brewer and China are on a mission to save repairable enthusiast vehicles, by repairing or otherwise improving an example of a particular make and model to a budget, then selling it to a new owner.The show was created by Daniel Allum and Michael Wood, the founding directors of Attaboy TV, both long-time car enthusiasts.

There have so far been 12 series of the programme and three different theme tunes have been used
The show was created with a DIYer in mind. The costs, and thus any profit or loss for a given project, are assessed without consideration of the labour costs of mechanic Edd China (the assumption is that a well-equipped and able enthusiast could complete all work himself) but if repairs require professional help, like body resprays, complicated electronics, or windscreen replacements, they are added to the final cost.

7) Bangla bangers / Chop shop


Bangla Bangers, later followed by sequel-series Chop Shop: London Garage, was a reality program on the Discovery Channel about eccentric and unconventional Bangladeshi coach builder Nizamuddin "Leepu" Awlia and foul-mouthed mechanic Bernie Fineman. In every episode they and their team attempt to build a supercar in a mere matter of weeks out of an automobile which they generally obtain from a wrecking yard.

Leepu converts rusting old autos into Ferrari and Lamborghini styled fast sports cars and limousines in his small workshop in Bangladesh's capital of Dhaka, and then later in the "Chop Shop" garage he and Bernie operate out of in Brick Lane, which is Britain's largest Bangladeshi community. What makes these episodes notable is that the vehicles constructed by the team are made in a meager shop using lo-tech, basic tools; the bodywork is handmade from sheet metal.

6) Overhaulin'


Overhaulin' was an American automotive reality TV show that ran for five seasons between 2004 and 2008. After a four-year hit, Season 6 premiered on October 2, 2012. The show's premise was that an unknowing "victim" – the mark, in the show's language — is nominated to be "Overhauled" by his or her family or friends, the insiders. The mark's car, usually an old and tired antique car, was obtained through some ruse. Some common examples included the car being "stolen" by Chris and Chip, a car being misplaced or lost at a mechanic's shop, or the car being towed away by "police."

An integral part of the show was when the two co-hosts play tricks on the unsuspecting mark, sometimes acting in roles of insurance adjusters or law enforcement agents, other times helping the insider, while Chip Foose and a team of mechanics – dubbed "The A-Team" – have a week to remake the car into a custom masterpiece. Each show ended with the surprise reuniting of owner and newly made-over car.

5) West Coast Customs


Inside West Coast Customs is a car remodeling reality television show. The series revolves around famed car customizer, Ryan Friedlinghaus, and his crew at California-based West Coast Customs as they transformed ordinary, factory model vehicles into extraordinary, customized vehicles. The shop's clients included those from the general public as well as celebrities such as Shaquille O'Neal, Mark Wahlberg,, and Justin Bieber.

The first season of Inside West Coast Customs consisted of 10 episodes which originally aired in 2011. The second season's 16 episodes followed in 2012. The third and final season had a production run of 5 episodes which were originally broadcast from February 2013 to March 2013.

4) Leepu and Pitbull


Leepu & Pitbull is an American reality television series. The series features master mechanic and auto-garage shop owner Steve "Pitbull" Trimboli and world-renowned Bangladeshi car designer, Nizamuddin "Leepu" Awlia. Leepu transforms any type of vehicle into his own vision by taking hunks of scrap metal and creating a unique but affordable custom car for their clients out of Steve's Pit Bull Motors Inc. on Long Island, New York.

3) Counting cars


Counting Cars is an American reality television series, shown on History channel, and produced by Leftfield Pictures. The series, which is the third spinoff of Pawn Stars, is filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada, where it chronicles the daily activities at Count's Kustoms, an automobile restoration and customization company owned and operated by Danny Koker, who previously appeared as a recurring expert on Pawn Stars. In a format similar to another Pawn Stars spinoff, American Restoration, the series follows Koker and his staff as they restore and modify classic automobiles and motorcycles and flip them for a good profit. Counting Cars debuted on August 13, 2012.

2) 5th gear


Fifth Gear was a British motoring television magazine series. The show is currently presented by Tiff Needell, Vicki Butler-Henderson and Jonny Smith. Fifth Gear's rival show is BBC Two's Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond's new Amazon Prime TV Show.

Fifth Gear was first broadcast on 8 April 2002 as 5th Gear, and as a continuation of the original incarnation of the BBC show Top Gear, which was cancelled in 2001. Top Gear was relaunched later that year; Channel 5 originally wanted to carry on using the Top Gear name, but the BBC refused. Several of Top Gear's ex-presenters, including Quentin Willson, Tiff Needell, and Vicki Butler-Henderson, were hired by Channel 5 to present the series.The show's name was restyled as Fifth Gear in 2005.

1) Top gear


Top Gear was a series of programmes broadcast by the BBC covering motor-related issues, new car model reviews, motor show previews, fuel economy, safety, the police, speeding, insurance, consumer advice and used car sales tips among other issues. Many presenters featured over the course of the series, most notably Angela Rippon, Noel Edmonds, William Woollard, Chris Goffey, Sue Baker, Tiff Needell, Jeremy Clarkson, Quentin Willson and Vicki Butler-Henderson.

The original series of the Top Gear programme was broadcast in BBC Midlands region only. When it became a network show, it was broadcast on BBC 2 on Thursday nights for Series 1, then on Tuesday nights between Series 2 and Series 17, then reverting to the original Thursday timeslot from Series 18 to the end of its run. In all, 524 episodes (515 plus the nine regional shows) were broadcast between 1977 and 2002, with a large majority of that figure being Top Gear itself.

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May host this fast-paced and stunt-filled motor show that tests whether cars, both mundane and extraordinary, live up to their manufacturers' claims. The hosts travel to locations around the world, performing extreme stunts and challenges to see what the featured cars are capable of. Celebrity guests also appear on some episodes to help the guys test the vehicles. Things don't always go as planned, though, with broken bones and mechanical mishaps sometimes part of the experiments.

Thanks for reading, Drive safe and Drive Smart
till then

-The Stig :ugeek:
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