Driving in the rain

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Driving in the rain

Postby The Stig » Wed Nov 25, 2015 10:06 pm

Hey guys as this is my first topic do ignore small errors :?

Okay lets get to it, DRIVING IN THE RAIN. We all have been there during our driving period, well a few changes need to be incorporated in our driving style while driving ion the rain. Here are some precautions i suggest.



Lets consider VISIBILITY first, it is a crucial aspect that your car should be visible in all conditions its also equally important to watch out for other cars and be alert. watching out for potholes, humps and other obstacles are also suggested. in some countries it is compulsory that your lights need to be turned on along with your wipers. Other lights such as fog lamps blinkers and all extra lighting accessories can be used.

This laser powered light also is quite smart it helps traffic keep a safe distance from you.

Coming to TRACTION no matter how good your tires there is something called as "HYDROPLANING". That’s the technical term for what occurs when your tires are getting more traction on the layer of water on the road than on the road itself. At a considerable speed your car just slides out of control if you are ever in such a situation do remember to let your accelerator go and try to gain control with your steering (DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR CAR UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES AS IT LOCKS YOUR STEERING AND BRAKES).

DRIVING SPEED & STYLE it is always a crucial aspect it is advised you stay way below the speed limit and avoid harsh turns and sharp curves. Do not test the limits of your car in the rain it takes a fraction of a second to go from 'YIPPEE' to 'OH GOD !!'.

BRAKING DISTANCE is again depend on your traction and to some extent the disc brakes and drum brakes also matter but do try to keep a safe distance from the car ahead of you do also keep an eye out for unexpected obstacles such as dogs, potholes etc.

A few more points to note :idea:

> Do give importance and preference to bikers as we stay in the comfort of our car unlike them who get wet and also manage to drive.
> Dont estimate that the road is flat looking at water over a pothole, a 12 inch ditch can be camouflaged under it or in some cases even a manhole.
> Use your horn to create an awareness among other drivers that there is a car approaching while driving at a blind turn or a hilly region.
> If there is very scarce rain do try the different interval timer settings on your wiper handle and tune it according to the rain intensity.
> Also don't forget to turn on the A/C while the vents are directed towards the front glass to prevent frosting effect ( do use fresh outer air as A/C input)
> Dont panic under any circumstances remember there is a huge difference between a normal driver and a road smart driver your split second thinking can cost you your life or at least prevent a serious accident.

As no one is perfect so am I guys do correct me ,add your points and share your experiences :mrgreen: till then

Drive Safe
Bon Voyage !!!
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