Ferrari 458 Italia vs Others Drag Race

Ferrari458 Italia vs Others
Ferrari458 Italia vs Others

The video features a straight 1 mile drag race wherein Ferrari 458 Italia races with three other cars independently. The first race is between Ferrari 458 Italia (570 HP) and Audi RS6 (750 HP). Ferrari beats Audi by 0.2 seconds with a top speed of 292.68 km/hr. Ferrari, then races with Nissan GTR MK.1 (600 HP) in the second drag race wherein Nissan wins by a huge margin of 0.8 seconds at top speed of 289.98 km/hr. In the third and the final drag race, Ferrari competes against Chevrolet Corvette (750 HP). Though Ferrari gains huge acceleration at the start and is ahead of Corvette, but after about half a mile Corvette’s powerful engine helps it to finish the line first with a top speed of 310.73 km/hr beating Ferrari by huge margin of a second.



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