Bentley Continental GT Review & Specifications

When modern design meets with advanced technology, what you get is the all new Bentley Continental GT. The wide and low-sprung appearance makes the coupe rather more attractive. The intelligent damping control together with the superior suspension gives an ultimate riding experience and makes the handling of the car quite smooth and easy. This luxurious car features a 12 cylinder engine which generates an ample amount of power and torque to make the drive in any adverse weather conditions quite feasible without much effort. The advanced system offered by the car automatically adjusts with the power splits between the front and the rear wheels based on the available grip offered by the road. The ex-showroom price for this car is approximately Rs. 3.6 crore.


The modern style together with the heritage outlook makes Bentley Continental GT quite presentable and matches to be a terrific ride. The haunch line offered by the car sticks on to the traditional feature and the sharper radius provides a much sportier profile to the car. The designers have put their maximum innovations into the car to make it look quite exquisite. The uniquely designed headlights and the sporty front grille add in texture and attractive outlook for the car. Like the front, the rear profile of the car is inexplicable as well. The tail lights with LED setting and elliptical exhaust tail pipes redefine the car to make them rather more eye-catching. The overall width of the car is 1966mm, length of 4804mm and height of 1398mm. The ground clearance offered by this model is 165mm.




The all new Bentley Continental GT is designed to comfortably fit five passengers. The feature that distinguishes this model from the rest of the luxury cars is the diamond quilted hide upholstery, together with the hand craftsmanship offered by the Mulliner Driving Specification. For the Speed variants, the car offers a much more luxurious and attractive dark Tint Aluminum finish that has been inspired from the 1920’s dashboard feature of Bentley. Full range fine wood veneers, satin finish carbon fiber option and the central console are other features that make the car simply exceptional. The flat panel Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) speakers give an experience that one could never forget. The intelligent audio system automatically acclimatizes the interior sound such that a minimum disturbance is caused while the roof is lowered.

Bentley-Continental-GT interior


Engine & Performance

Bentley Continental GT is driven by a 6.0L W12 configuration twin-turbocharged petrol engine. The engine is coupled with 8-speed AWD ZF automatic transmission with gearshift paddles mounted on the steering wheel. This engine can churn a peak power of 567bhp at 6000 rpm and a peak torque of 700Nm at 1700rpm. With a top speed of 314kmph, this mean machine can reach the 0-100kmph in breathtaking 4.7 seconds. All said, the mileage of this car is between 6-8 km/litre.


Despite the luxury offered by Bentley Continental GT, the manufacturer has not forgotten to build in the safety measures to ensure the safety of both the car and the passengers within. The all new Bentley Continental GT is regarded as the safest luxury car from its manufacturers. The strong body frame and the advanced safety features within make the car worth for their price. The Bentley GPS Tracking system provision makes sure that the driver never loses their way to the destination. Once set, the GPS system guides the driver to opt for the shortest pathway to the destination, with taking less time. The volumetric ultrasonic alarm, graphic-on the infotainment screen within the park distance control, together with the audible warning, air bags and seat belts for all the passengers and the presence of fog lamps redefines the car safety measures.



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