Be Prepared When Driving Abroad With Work

Driving Abroad With Work

To some, driving to Europe for work is an added bonus, while others might see it as a necessary but unwanted chore. Regardless of whether you eagerly await the opportunity to head to mainland Europe or avoid it wherever possible, you should ensure you are prepared. Thankfully, in the modern era, it is easy to check on local driving laws, inexpensive to use your mobile phone if you are prepared, and easy to plan and track your journey.

Check Your Mobile Phone Data Roaming

Some mobile phone packages include European data roaming as part of the monthly package, and you may not need to worry about paying for European roaming charges if your mobile phone bill is covered by your employer. Alternatively, you can buy add-ons, bolt-ons and additional packages that make calling and texting from abroad less expensive. You can even access the Internet on your mobile with mobile data roaming. Even if you are sure that you have data roaming included, it may be best to check with your mobile carrier.

Update Your Maps

Although most mobile phones do include maps or satnav apps, it can prove more convenient to use a dedicated satnav or GPS. Whichever option you decide on, do ensure that the European maps that you will need are updated before you set off, and consider packing one or two paper maps as backup, in case something goes awry with your phone or you can’t access your satnav system.

Plan Your Route and Stops

Even with the latest maps installed, and using the most recent European travel apps, you should take some time before leaving to familiarise yourself with the route that you will be taking. At the very least, ensure that you know the major stops, the big cities, and the most important roads that you will be travelling on.

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Check Insurance and Breakdown Coverage

Insurance and European breakdown cover should also be considered essential. Check whether your existing insurance, if you are using your own, covers you, and take out breakdown cover for the countries in which you will be travelling. Getting stranded in a foreign country with no backup to call can be extremely difficult.

Know The Law

Different countries have different laws, and ignorance of those laws is not considered an acceptable excuse for breaking them. Research the countries where you will be driving, make sure you have hazard triangles, high visibility jackets, and even a spare pair of glasses, as are needed on the road in some European countries.

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