Shahrukh Khan’s DC modified Bus

As Bollywood plays a huge role in Indian entertainment, or it can also be said that Bollywood has become a major part of Indian culture. While many fans may think of meeting their favorite superstars or spending time with them, a petrol-head’s dream is to get behind the wheel of what their favorite stars commute in.

Many popular stars travel in high end BMW’s , AUDI Q series,  MERCEDES BENZ and other luxury vehicles, but the  “Baadshah of Bollywood” went an extra mile and got a DC customized bus for himself. The bus was modified by famous Indian car designer.


DC himself was hands on with SRK’s vanity bus, The lights, The ambiance, all scream futuristic and somewhere down the line you can’t help but think about the movie Tron. The effect that you see on the floor is outstanding, thanks to a glass floor which has been equipped with LED lights. In fact, things are a bit sci-fi here as the floor is glass and the roof is wooden, which seems like an interesting idea. Wi-Fi and Apple TV in all the rooms, three 4K television sets with satellite TV, and a top-notch sound systems. It is said that a total sound output of 4000 Watts are rigged in the bus.


The vanity van is 14 meters long and has an overall space of 280 sq.ft. The bus essentially houses 4 rooms – a meeting room, bedroom, toilet, and make-up & changing room. To make it even more striking, DC Designs have taken it a step further by adding the provision to expand one room , with the help of a hydraulic system. This, in turn, increases the space by 80 sq.ft. – taking the total area on offer inside the bus to 360 sq.ft. ShahRukh’s vanity van also gets touch-control for the entire lighting system, as well as heating and cooling. Then there is a kitchen with provisions for tea and coffee, and is also equipped with a microwave.


Shahrukh is more of a collector than a simple automobile enthusiast he has a huge collection of cars and for no reason is he called as the King Of Bollywood. As his custom vanity van made by DC comes with an approximated hefty price tag of 4 Crores. Shahrukh Khan’s DC modified bus can be seen parked out of his residence ” Mannat”. Soon king Khan can be spotted rolling in his new bus around Mumbai !!

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