BMW M5 2019

BMW debuted the first M5 back in 1985. It was the first four-door performance sedan that packed a serious punch. The M5 came equipped with the same 3.5-litre engine that powered the M1 sportscar. By 1988, the 150mph M5 was the fastest four-door in the world, boasting 286 HP, reachingContinue Reading

Suzuki Ciaz

India’s leading car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki has launched the all new Ciaz sedan with a special muscular look. Suzuki Ciaz is a mid-sized sedan also known as Suzuki Alivio. The Suzuki Ciaz resembles Toyota Camry only when you talk about the front grille of the sedan. Ciaz will replace theContinue Reading


In 2008 Tata introduced “Indigo CS” in sub-4 meter segment which did fairly good but over the years failed to make a decent place in the market and got outdated due to tough competition from Honda amaze, Maruti Dzire and Hyundai Xcent. To stay in competition Tata has now introducedContinue Reading


The Italian automobile company is ready to launch its all-new premium class sedan, the Fiat Viaggio early this year in the Indian auto market. Debuted at the 2012 Beijing International Auto Show, this Chinese version of Dodge Dart symbolizes an ideal journey between Italy and China. Fiat has been lookingContinue Reading

Volkswagen Jetta

The all-new Volkswagen Jetta was introduced in India in 2008, by the world class German manufacturers, the Volkswagen. The all new Jetta has undergone a massive facelift recently and is now all set to rule the roads! They are regarded as the powerful diesel engine cars ever produced in theContinue Reading


The Skoda Superb is a result of a significant blend of luxury, style, design, safety and performance. In order to move through heavy traffic effortlessly, the all new Skoda Superb comes fully equipped with the Tiptronic automatic transmission facility. This version is equipped with the latest key safety features andContinue Reading


From the stables of the world class manufacturers, the Toyota has launched their prettiest and the most powerful sedan, the Toyota Camry. The name has been derived from the Japanese word ‘Kanmuri’ meaning ‘Crown’. As the meaning suggests, this new sedan has become a crown to the manufacturers, all overContinue Reading