Aston Martin DB9

For some, being rich and famous is all about showing off status, and nothing turns heads like a supercar. Celebrities have certainly owned some impressive cars, even if they have had to pay for the privilege. In this article, Aston Martin DBX dealership Grange give us their top 5 mostContinue Reading

BMW M5 2019

BMW debuted the first M5 back in 1985. It was the first four-door performance sedan that packed a serious punch. The M5 came equipped with the same 3.5-litre engine that powered the M1 sportscar. By 1988, the 150mph M5 was the fastest four-door in the world, boasting 286 HP, reachingContinue Reading

Bigger cars

The average size of our cars is increasing. With every car redesign, the models are growing. This can be noticed in the MINI. No longer does the car resemble its name, with a three-door MINI hatchback currently in the region of 800 mm longer than the original design which tookContinue Reading

Electric car

What’s the current state of the electric car industry? Once a novelty and now key to solving the world’s fuel and environmental problems, it seems that we all suddenly know an electric car driver. Of course, electrical vehicles (EVs) are much better for the environment than petrol and diesel motorsContinue Reading

SUV cover

You have finally bought your dream car and if you think that this is where the road ends you are very wrong! A car isn’t complete without the 4WD accessories. If you are thinking that accessories are a waste of money, think again. Yes, there are some accessories that areContinue Reading

Lamborghini is an automobile company located in Italy that started by building tractors and somehow (due to Ferrari’s criticism) ended up building Supercars. They have pioneered the art of manufacturing supercars and know how to match futuristic design with sheer power !! The Centenario is mainly based on the LamborghiniContinue Reading