Headlight issues ? solutions this way...

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Headlight issues ? solutions this way...

Postby The Stig » Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:36 pm

Ola amigos,

So this time lets talk about headlights, With modern era cars their headlights too have evolved and offer better visibility.

First lets take a look at the high end headlight modules on the planet !

1. Audi Matrix LED technology

    The matrix beam headlights consist of five separate LED units which automatically detect light from other vehicles on the road. The headlights can turn off and on individually creating billions of combinations and patterns to illuminate the road and at the same time not to blind other road users.


2. Mercedes-Benz Multibeam LED headlights

    An idea from the future, Mercedes has masterd this art with its multi beam headlight. There are features like predictive active bending light, roundabout mode, motorway mode and many other features which gives the best of safety and illumination.


3.BMW Intelligent Headlight Technology

    This was first showcased in the BMW 7 series and later came onto many other cars in their optional visibility package. It has adaptive lighting and the beam turns along with the steering so that you can see where you are going.

The real deal

Well those were the high end headlight technologies lets now talk about the present day to day life in India. Most of our car come with halogen headlights and recently some of the premium range cars are being launched with the projectors as stock.

What to do if you have any headlight illumination issues ?

Some of the cars are suspected to low visibility as a result of poor headlight reflector design such as the Ford figo, in such cases we have 2 options.

1. Upgrade the wattage of the bulbs to a higher level, Most of them would suggest 90/100 bulbs but they may end up burning the reflector and a headlight assembly replacement bill of 2000-3000 rupees. Best thing to do would be to go for a lower bulb wattage higher than the stock but lesser than 90/100.(Also note that you have to install an extra relay & cutout wiring kit to prevent the original wires from taking extra load ending up in a short circuit).

2. Retrofit your car with projectors, They come in all sizes and designs. A proper certified projector with 35 watt true AC ballasts would ensure your needs and illuminate the road. Do note that the colour temperature of the projectors you select is either 4300 kelvin or 5000 kelvin because higher colour temperatures (6000+) may be illegal and they may have a bright white colour output but performance wise and visibility wise offer very less help to the driver when compared with the 4300 kelvin.

3. Install extra auxiliary lamps which can be mounted on the bull bars or other areas of the car. You may also consider adding HID's in your fog lamp assembly.

Frosted / water in headlights ?

There may be some instances where water may have escaped into your headlights during a pressure wash or a drive in heavy rains. There are two cases that can take place

i) Just pure water has entered the headlights

The typical way to deal with this is to completely open the headlights and remove the water but this may require professionals to do it, another way is in which you turn on the high beams for some time when the indicator bulb holder and other holders are disconnected. repeat the process for a day or two.
In some cases the headlight needs to be removed from the vehicle and a hairdryer would be of some use to blow out the air with water vapor in it.

ii) Some dust along with water

In this case there is no option left but to open the headlight assembly or buy a new replacement part as the dust generally kills the reflectors and inner wall of the glass.

If you open the headlights do take care that you seal it back properly and close the area where the water had initially entered from.


Aging effects on your headlight ?

It may be seen on pretty middle aged cars or older cars that the headlight glass eventually turns yellow and looks odd. This phenomenon is due to oxidation of the headlights, generally occurs when exposed to a lot of sunlight.

Solution: You may get a lot of sophisticated products in the market that claim to sparkle your headlights again but the solution is in your house. A common toothpaste can solve the issue, Just the way it whitens our teeth it removes the yellow stain from the glass and makes it sparkling again.


Will make a detailed post on HID's & Projectors soon....
Till then Drive safe and SAY NO TO HIGH BEAMS :!:

Hope this was helpful

-The Stig :ugeek:

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Re: Headlight issues ? solutions this way...

Postby Tucson Dubai » Fri Mar 18, 2016 8:07 pm

Good Information !!..

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