The Indian Muscle Car

Here we try to cover in depth details for most of the cars that are already launched in India as well as those that are about to be launched.
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The Indian Muscle Car

Postby The Stig » Thu Dec 10, 2015 12:00 am

As in the Indian auto market we all know that there exists all types of cars under various categories like Hatchbacks, SUV's, Sedans and a very trending category that is Crossovers. But do we have any home grown desi muscle cars just like the Americans have their Mustangs and Corvettes ??

The answer to this question would be no, we do not have any muscle car in 2015 but we did have one way before 2002.


Still guessing ?

Yes, it is the Hindustan Motors [HM] Contessa. India's pride 8-)


This would not be a complete muscle car with a huge V8 and a 2 door variant but it still had the body lines and the stance of a muscle car. The dual circular headlights gave an even more aggressive look.

History: By the late 1970's, HM was ready to introduce a modern car in the Indian market after having produced the age-old Ambassador for three decades. They were successful in acquiring the production tooling and technology of the Vauxhall Victor, a car that was phased out in the UK in 1979. The production line was set up alongside the Ambassador at Uttarpara near Kolkata and the first test cars were ready by 1982. Series production was under way by the spring of 1984.


To keep the costs low, HM Contessa was introduced to the Indian market with the 1.5 L BMC B-Series engine which also powered the Ambassador, in a slightly modified form along with the Hindustan four-speed gearbox. The press was upbeat about the roomy interior and plush ride, but was critical about the grossly under powered engine and equally primitive gearbox.

The car is known for its rear seat comfort. There are a handful of enthusiasts that maintain Contessa's in original condition. To them, only Contessa can be referred as a true "Indian Muscle Car".

As the late 1990's arrived, more modern car manufacturers such as Suzuki entered India with their fuel efficient and cost effective cars the old unsung hero was on its death bed and finally Hindustan Motors pulled the plug in 2002 :cry: . All we can do is wish a new re-modeled contessa comes back to start a Muscle car cult in India. :?:


Here are some vital stats:

Engine : 1.5 L BMC B-Series engine & 2.0 L 4FC1-T turbodiesel
Brake Horse Power : 55 bhp @ 4500 rpm
Fuel Tank capacity : 42 liters
Production : 1982 - 2002
Drive : Rear wheel drive
body type : 4 door sedan
Top speed : 125 km/h
gearbox : 4 speed


Front - Independent torsion bar springs, anti roll bar
Rear - Semi elliptical leaf spring, dual action shock absorbers

Dimensions :

Wheelbase : 2,667 mm (105.0 in)
Length : 4,591 mm (180.7 in)
Width : 1,699 mm (66.9 in)
Height : 1,432 mm (56.4 in)
Curb weight : 1,200 kg (2,600 lb)
Here are some more pics




A true car enthusiast can only dream of HM launching the Contessa back with modern features and as a car that will survive and do well in terms of sales in today's market. Keep you hopes up guys India will one day get its own desi muscle car and every petrolhead would be Proud to drive it around town. :mrgreen:

-The Stig
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