Best TV commercials of all time - Part 1

Here we try to cover in depth details for most of the cars that are already launched in India as well as those that are about to be launched.
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Best TV commercials of all time - Part 1

Postby The Stig » Sun Apr 17, 2016 2:00 pm

In today's world advertising means everything to a company and it is very crucial as it gives a first impression of the car to the crowd. Producing and crafting the advert is a very important task to a company and a huge budget is kept apart for that. Here are some commercials we think has performed well and conveyed the message.

1) XUV 500

A real wild experience with the XUV 500 portraying its offroading capability, comfort and performance.

2) MARUTI 800

The car that put India on 4 wheels. It was a mega sales hit and the advertise shows a maruti has a high millage and petrol never gets over.


A nice advert showing Renault's Indian range of cars with a nice desi music composed by A.R Rahaman.


Heart touchy video which shows that the LUV machine is capable of bringing families closer.


As the say any FIAT is a drivers car, It gives sheer driving pleasure and joy.

6) BMW

BMW was more of a German car but this advert aims on changing the thought that BMW is equally good at Indian home grounds and also that anyone can own a BMW in the new BMW 360 plan offering low interest rates and complimentary services.

7) AUDI A3 Cabriolet

This probably should be the first cabriolet advertise in India and AUDI has nailed it !..

#OH_MY_GOD - This add screams out the sheer power of an AMG...

9) Mahindra live young live free

A home grown company which has a wide product portfolio and shows that, All Mahindra's products are tough, well built and rugged. It is also a silent advert for the "PURPLE CLUB" which is a franchise of Mahindra and deals with organizing rallies,off-roading adventures and events for existing customers


Strikes a new fire and the car is well displayed

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