Sponsored Video: Ford Ecoboost Celebrates ‘Small but Mighty Stories’

Ford Ecoboost featured

The American automobile giant Ford Motors has teamed up five emerging filmmakers from different parts of the world to create a series of entertaining short films under the “Small but Mighty” theme  as a campaign to promote the company’s award-winning range of EcoBoost engines. Even though these films are short, the acts and ideas in it do give a might impact.

The EcoBoost engines are small turbocharged engines with direct fuel injection and is developed jointly by Ford Motor Company and FEV engineering. This engine gives an enhanced engine power & torque, and at the same time also does improve the fuel efficiency. This engine model has bagged several awards and also has kept the customers happy across the globe. Introduced first in the year 2009, 5 million vehicles have been sold till date that are installed with this EcoBoost engine. In India, Ford offers the award-winning 1.0L EcoBoost in its smart and stylish EcoSport.

Ford Ecoboost

From a slender man with incredibly strong super hero-like arms to a pint-sized football champ who proves that size doesn’t matter; or from a super granny, to the ultimate spicy power of a small chilli; all of these ads are about the small details, moments and actions, that shape our mighty world.

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Well, that video is the one we liked the most out of the rest.

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