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Most of us are aware of the UK governments plans to ban the sale of all diesel and petrol vehicles by 2040 – but with the electric car market undergoing a period of rapid growth, some have called for the plan to be implemented by 2030. 2018 saw record EVContinue Reading

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In-car technology comes in many forms today, with the systems helping to make motorists feel safer and less stressed while they are behind the wheel. With the help of Lamborghini dealership Grange, we’ve analysed four in-car technology systems which you can already benefit from using when getting from A toContinue Reading

Electric cars

Diesel has received a lot of scrutiny lately for the levels of Nitrogen Oxide it emits from our vehicles, so much so that the UK government plan to ban the sales of new diesel and petrol vehicles by 2040 in a bid to clean up air quality across the nation.Continue Reading

Under the leadership of CEO Elon Musk, Tesla has made positive headlines in the automobile industry over the last decade. They are the largest producers of fully electric cars in the world. Recently, the company has shown interest in entering the trucking industry by producing a semi-truck. During this time,Continue Reading

Electric cars

The newly-popular electric car is nothing new in and of itself — the idea has been around for over a hundred years. But the concept has struggled to find its footing in a market dominated by the petrol and diesel engine. That’s set to change, with an increase in concernContinue Reading


Nowadays, if a car doesn’t have electric windows and power steering, it’s thought to be prehistoric. But, perks such as these haven’t always been a given. Exactly who invented the first-ever automobile may be up for debate — many believe it was Karl Benz — but what can’t be arguedContinue Reading

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What’s the current state of the electric car industry? Once a novelty and now key to solving the world’s fuel and environmental problems, it seems that we all suddenly know an electric car driver. Of course, electrical vehicles (EVs) are much better for the environment than petrol and diesel motorsContinue Reading