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A Mechanical engineer by profession, Bob has a deep passion for automobiles. He started blogging on automobiles since 2010 with his website Feel free to contact him using the "Contact Us" form.Add Bob on FB
Being a Biotechnologist, who was destined to be an introvert, sitting in laboratories and conducting experiments, she has a different outlook towards motor cars. She goes crazy over the rumbling of motor engines and likes to rock and roll with them.
Sandy is an Automotive Engineer by profession who has a great zeal in Cars and the latest technologies. Researching on them and expressing them online has been a passion for the author.
An automobile engineer by profession and a racer by DNA. Be it a supercar or an off-roader anything on 4 wheels has my attention.
I am an aeronautical engineer by profession and really passionate about speed, extreme machines and cars. I love travelling & exploring new places. You can reach me at the email id link given below..